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Thread: Plugin wallhang

  1. Plugin wallhang

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    Plugin wallhang

    Acesta este un plugin pentru Modul Furien, cu ajutorul lui va puteti catara pe pereti si aveti posibilitatea tot o data sa mergeti pe perete, am vazut ca acest plugin este cautat si m-am decis sa-l public, nu imi asum nici un drept de autor!

    Plugin: plugin wallhang NUME_PLUGIN

    Versiune: 1.0 VERSIUNE_PLUGIN

    Autor: - AUTOR_PLUGIN

    * Link oficial:- LINK_OFICIAL_PLUGIN

    Download Link: You have to register to be able to see this link. Register HERE! If you are already a member please log in! If you still you are not able to see the link you need to activate your account or an administrator need to activate your account!
    + sma-uri:
    #include <amxmodx>
    #include <fakemeta>
    #include <fakemeta_util>
    #include <hamsandwich>

    new const PLUGIN = "Furien WallHang";
    new const VERSION= "1.0";

    #pragma semicolon 1

    // Float
    new Float: Wallorigin[33][3];

    public plugin_init()
    register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, "Aragon*");

    // Ham Forwrads
    RegisterHam(Ham_Touch, "player", "fw_PlayerTouch", 1);

    // FM Forwards
    register_forward(FM_PlayerPostThink, "fw_PlayerPostThink");

    // CVARs
    register_cvar("furien_wallahng", VERSION, FCVAR_SERVER | FCVAR_SPONLY);

    public fw_PlayerTouch(id, world)
    if(is_user_alive(id) && get_user_team(id) == 1)
    new ClassName[32];
    pev(world, pev_classname, ClassName,(32-1));

    if(equal(ClassName, "worldspawn") || equal(ClassName, "func_wall") || equal(ClassName, "func_breakable"))
    pev(id, pev_origin, Wallorigin[id]);

    return HAM_SUPERCEDE;

    public fw_PlayerPostThink(id)
    if(is_user_alive(id) && get_user_team(id) == 1)
    static Float:Origin[3];
    pev(id, pev_origin, Origin);

    static Button;
    Button = pev(id, pev_button);

    if(Button & IN_USE && get_distance_f(Origin, Wallorigin[id]) <= 5.0 && !(pev(id, pev_flags) & FL_ONGROUND))
    new Float:Velocity[3];
    new ClimbSpeed = floatround(pev(id, pev_maxspeed) / 2.0);

    if(Button & IN_FORWARD)
    velocity_by_aim(id, ClimbSpeed, Velocity);
    fm_set_user_velocity(id, Velocity);

    else if(Button & IN_BACK)
    velocity_by_aim(id, - ClimbSpeed, Velocity);
    fm_set_user_velocity(id, Velocity);

    set_pev(id, pev_origin, Wallorigin[id]);
    velocity_by_aim(id, 0, Velocity);
    fm_set_user_velocity(id, Velocity);

    *{\\ rtf1\\ ansi\\ deff0{\\ fonttbl{\\ f0\\ fnil Tahoma;}}\n\\ viewkind4\\ uc1\\ pard\\ lang1033\\ f0\\ fs16 \n\\ par }

    ** Instalare:
    1. Fisierul furien_wallhang.sma il puneti in addons/amxmodx/scripting
    2. Fisierul furien_wallhang.amxx il puneti in addons/amxmodx/plugins
    3. Intrati in fisierul addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini si adaugati la urma: furien_wallhang.amxx

    * Comenzi (chat/consola): Nu contine

    * Cvar-uri: Nu contine

    * Module:
    - Fakemeta
    - Fakemeta Util
    - Hamsandwich

    * Screenshot: nu e nevoie avand in vedere ca se stie ce face....
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