In your free unban request please fill the title of the topic with Free unban "Your Nickname" (e.g.: Free unban Tiger):

Free unban request model:
  • UNIQUE ID: All your Unique ID
  • NICK: Your last in-game nick name
  • IP (OPTIONAL): Your IP address (check your IP address here: You have to register to be able to see this link. Register HERE! If you are already a member please log in! If you still you are not able to see the link you need to activate your account or an administrator need to activate your account! )
  • STEAM ID: All your SteamID or Steam profile link from each account you used.
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Other information which can help us

Conditions to receive free unban:
  • For 1st degree ban your last ban must be at least 1 year old.
  • For 2st degree ban your last ban must be at least 2 year old.
  • You must create the free unban thread where to specify the required informations.
  • Your banned IP addresses will not be checked how old they are, therefore they will not affect you from receiving the free unban.

Players who have other ban degree will receive 1 degree drop, until 1st degree ban, for each year since the last ban. They will never be able to get free unban.