Version (16.01.2019)

* Fixed detection for USB/Flash Drive removal (Generic External Cheat)
* New detection methods have been added, including searching for directories or cheats specific files
* Some cheat detection issues have been fixed
* Fixed issue of continuous reporting errors when not needed.
* Added thorough verifying the integrity of the application
* Another signature has been added to take over the server's ip. Loopback support and IPv6 servers have also been added.
* The IP server also appears for those who use CS nVidia
* In 64-bit operating systems, the names of their processes and their hash are also taken (so far, they are only taken over for 32-bit processes).

Version (21.10.2018)

* Trying to retrieve the server's IP where the scanned player has played or still plays (if appears, the player has (re) opened the CS or has not yet logged on to any server). If the server's IP could not be retrieved, the field will not appear in the report, and in this case please contact us and specify your CS version
* Trying to pick up the nick in real time (if it fails, take the standard one)
* Fixed bug on signature-based detection
* Two other methods have been added to detect cheats

Version (22.08.2018)

* A minor bug has been fixed

Version (22.08.2018)

* It should resolve most of the error cases 0xD16D0240. Many thanks to Toxic and WarGods Dark!
* Some minor bugs resolved

[BLOCK]Version (20.08.2018)[BLOCK]
* Fixed the wallhack detection problem
* Other minor bugs fixed

Version (19.08.2018)

* The issue of displaying the terms and conditions of each scan was fixed
* A bug has been fixed that affects scanning performance on x64 operating systems
* It should solve some error cases 0xD16D0240
* Some minor bugs fixed

Version (17.08.2018)

* Some issues have been fixed regarding scanning and reporting.

Version (15.08.2018)

* A problem occurred with the date adding "hidden generic cheat" in v2.3.0.5 has been fixed. This problem is only due to the .Net installation. Thank jDw * PaNiC for troubleshooting help.

Version (15.08.2018)

* Generic hidden cheat scan, the so-called "stick" method.
* Improve scanning speed
* New signatures have been added
* Various problems have been fixed

Version (12.02.2018)

* A detection problem has been fixed
* In version v2.3.0.3 the debug mode was mistaken, v2.3.0.3 would not work, it was released in this version

Version (12.02.2018)

* Unique ID regenerates for those who first scanned wCD, that bug was fixed.
* A bad signature was removed
* Several bugs have been fixed
* ConfuserEx protections have changed so that there are fewer false alarms given by antivirus

Version (01.02.2018)

* Two bugs have been solved by which some players could not send the report
* Signatures updated
* Several minor bugs have been fixed within the application
* Updated EULA, which is displayed by the messagebox within the application

Version (incluzand si (22.01.2018)

* The application secured better
* Added model and process scanning
* More detail on uploaded modules, dlls, cfgs, templates
* New cheats detection methods
* A messagebox with EULA was added

Version 2.2 (including subversions) (09.06.2014)

* Minor bugs fixed
* Render (OpenGL / Direct3D / Software) will be taken directly
* Unique id duplicate & checksum, it will save a duplicate key after UniqueID, encrypted, somewhere in the registry and compare it to each other. This eliminates the possibility of changing UniqueID so easily
* A simple check on client models and sprites (player / awp / scout)
* (AntiSpam) Increased report retrieval from 5 minutes to 10 minutes to avoid spam

Version 2.1 (including subversions) (27.04.2014)

* Minor fixed bugs causing application crash (thanks Godric)
* Scanning improvement -> less scan time
* False-positive removal from the scan of the first stage
* CFG / CFG suspect DLL detection fixed

Version 2.0 (24.04.2014)

* A new design (background created by You have to register to be able to see this link. Register HERE! If you are already a member please log in! If you still you are not able to see the link you need to activate your account or an administrator need to activate your account! )
* Scan aliases for CFG (noflash detection cfg / aim cfg / etc) was removed. Only the detection was left: "Suspicious CFG" and "CFG DLL"
* Adding an online system for verifying modules / dll / cfg
* Adding an online system to download offline reports, so no need for the application
* A better AntiSpam system that does not allow to spam the report site (a 5 minute report)

Version 1.3 (incluzand si subversiuniile 1.3.1 si 1.3.2) (10.01.2014)

* A unique ID for each scanned suspect
* Minor bugs fixed
* CFG scanning
* Application update
* Old versions of wCD are no longer compatible

Version 1.0 (01.08.2013) / 1.1 (16.08.2013) / 1.2 (23.11.2013)

* New design
* First full version reporting directly to site and no longer by email (as in the case of beta)
* The ability to send an offline report in case of problems by sending the online report (directly)

Version BETA

* The first "BETA" version with a basic scan
* Sending reports by email