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  1. Hi Wargods Family,subject is my wargods reports.


    Hi Wargods Family,subject is my wargods reports.

    hi again. my 19th year in Counterstrike 1.6. I'm not used to hack never in my life. but i use esl tournament models couse my eyes hypermetrophy. I don't see close. i didn't know it was cheating
    **wargods scan say esl models is hacked, and I'm deleted.

    my last wargods report link,

    You have to register to be able to see this link. Register HERE! If you are already a member please log in! If you still you are not able to see the link you need to activate your account or an administrator need to activate your account!

    if you want my teamviewer for check. admin, I can give you

    please delete my history. and I begin fresh life

    thank you.

  2. Hi Wargods Family,subject is my wargods reports.

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    There's no excuse for using those models, including a crosshair AWP :/ ...

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