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Thread: Cereri Unban

  1. Cereri Unban


    Cereri Unban

    Hey, just got perma banned why?

    Admin keno ?
    You asked me to run the test ... again. even tho i did it last week. So every time i wanna play on your serve with a different name that's the treatment i'm going to get?
    Should we make a memorable name for me ? Or should i shortcut your scan app ?

    Namn: awp hack
    Anledning: pika
    Unban Tid: Permanent Ban
    Admin Namn: RESPAWN.***********.RO # RESPAWN SERVER
    Admin SteamID:

    Lots of love.
    Noma noma hey!
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  2. Cereri Unban

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    Hello , you got the wrong community here , try to write the name of the server in a google tab , you'll find its comunity and maybe you can sort something out with them , have a great day!.
    Ay Pierre , you wanna come out here?

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