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  1. False scan ? Hltv weapons?

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    False scan ? Hltv weapons?

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    first time seeing this thing, i've been playing and scaning wargods with hltv models before, why they were detected just now? and they're legal and have zero association with cheats etc. would like to remove it from scan history

  2. False scan ? Hltv weapons?

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    I am sorry to inform you, but we mark HTLV models as suspicious since 2018. Just because you used some HTLV models that weren't known and detected that doesn't mean they won't be detected in the future.

    Not all servers accepts HTLV/ESL/No-Recoil/Cheat models. If your server admin allows them then you don't have anything to worry about. wCD reports always will show you the best detection available, the priority always will be in this order: cheats (highest priority), models and cfg (lowest priority).

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