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  1. Wargod problem error code 0xD16D0240


    Wargod problem error code 0xD16D0240

    Error code :0xD16D0240
    * ID (OPTIONAL): -
    * Nick: Sunchoo
    * IP:
    * STEAM_0:1:461464144
    * DATE AND HOUR:10.06.21 / 13;04
    * SCREENSHOT:I cant make it bcs ive got a prblem with my screen
    * OPERATING SYSTEM:Windows 10
    I try 3-4 times to run the test but ive got error code every time , could someone help me please

  2. Wargod problem error code 0xD16D0240

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    I think Avast or something blocks access to wCD. Try whitelisting it.

  3. Wargod problem error code 0xD16D0240

    I try I stop everythink like antivirus programs malw... i saw 4-5 posti same like mine and try everythink , now ive got a ban to toworrwo cuz i start scan 5 times :x

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