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  1. Can you delete my blue scans


    Talking Can you delete my blue scans

    I know it's a weird request. I made my name Rip and scanned in a server after I tried to play in another server and its said "Your nickname is too short". And I had to change my nickname. Now admins says delete the tag etc. It bothers me that there are so many different names in my Wargods history. Unfortunately I have obsessions. If you can delete thank you. I don't want to formatting my PC for this.
    My scans: You have to register to be able to see this link. Register HERE! If you are already a member please log in! If you still you are not able to see the link you need to activate your account or an administrator need to activate your account!

  2. Can you delete my blue scans

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    Reports can't be deleted. I can change your nickname if you want.

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